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Music Bio "Daniel Rich"
Daniele Riccobene aka "daniel rich" class 91's.
Always interested in the music world at age 16 began playing in some prestigious clubs in the region and begins to make itself known musically and professionally. At the age of 18 his love for music was growing day by day and decided to throw in the production of House Music/ Tech House in his DJ sets and started to get a mixture of tones, that created his style and genre .In 2010 he signed his first recording contract a few months after some of his tracks are in the top 10 of a musical digital store. His passion is still hope in the future.

Since his first release he's been working hard in the studio dropping releases on labels in Uk ( Casa Tech Records ) , Italy , The Netherlands (Coochy Music)

The styles and sound of his productions are Deep House , House , Tech House orientated .

Daniel Rich is putting his name out therei in 2013.
Now singing up with Coochy Music for his slamming track that will come out this summer 2013 called "Apocalypto" that Richy Hawtin is playing in his sets !. And than to think on top of that he's dropping some releases on the old school house veteran Joe t Vannelli ! (italia) , Beef Rec of (Shades of Gray) and Lapus Music (Supernova) .

He now started to get more experienced and has started to do some cool work with various artists and labels and is developing his international projects that soon will be available in all digital stores around the world.


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We Are Hush Recordz Remixed
Mikalogic, Magillian, Nuno Aqua, Roberto De Haro, Kult Of Krameria, Paul Hamilton, Robert Garcia, Daniel Rich, Robin Virag, Chris Junior, Live, Prune Flat, Denis Filipovic, Peter Wagner, Sabrina Carnevale, Stereosoul, No Deffy, D-Gital Method

Hush Recordz | 2012-12-20

Christmas Soul 2012 E.P
Metodi Hristov, Dubaa, Gunay & Dj Runo, Hamza, Jesus Soblechero, TheeO, Eppu, Eclectic, Daniel Rich
Soulman Music | 2012-12-19


Robert Garcia, Daniel Rich, Mikalogic
Hush Recordz | 2012-11-07

We Are Hush Recordz
Mikalogic, Chris Junior, Magillian, Nuno Aqua, Peter Wagner, Robin Virag, Live, Live & Touch, Robert Garcia, Daniel Rich, Paul Hamilton, Denis Filipovic, Prune Flat
Hush Recordz | 2012-10-01


Mediterranea '12 By Kubu Music
Mikalogic, Danniel Selfmade, Charlie Demir, Chiqito, Gianni Ruocco, Ego Valente, Daniel Rich, Ismael Dewler, Alejandro Palazon, Flaminik, Rico Martinez, David Sulihvan
Kubu Music | 2012-07-01

American Friend
Daniel Rich, Deyan Zlatinoff, Jeison Torres, Nando Scheffer
Eye Records | 2012-05-17


Talents Vol.4
DiMO (BG), Koolfunk, Vica, Danny Deep, Marcos Baiano, Private One, Soul Of Life, Minlab, Ralfus, Garz, German Brigante, Adapter, Rafa Barrios, Pablo Inzunza, Vincenzo D'amico, James Laco, Jon Hash, Claudio Cava, The Deepshakerz, John Clair, Daniel Rich, Cesar Del Rio, Alberto Ruiz, Antonio Valente, Jack Floyd, Chandler Shortlidge, Giacomo Pellegrino, J&S Project, Raffaele Rizzi, Enrico Saba a.k.a. C Sky, Kenny Brian, Eduard Gk, Maxi Madrid

Lapsus Music | 2012-05-14


Soul Division E.P
Daniel Rich, Discobolux, Eser C, Soulpower
Soulman Music | 2012-05-04


Ketchua Spirit E.P
Alberto Santana, Alex Gomez, Doneyck, Daniel Rich, Eppu, Ill Cows, ILLCows, Benjamin Milic
Soulman Music | 2012-03-22


Miami Soul Vol II
Hadrian & Renoa, Andres Santana, Julian Collazos, Daniel Rich, Nik Allen
Soulman Music | 2012-03-15


Dynamics (Mixed By Inigo Surio A.k.a DJ Largo)
Javi Amo, Geshe Ewing, Daniel Rich, Alex Zamm, Inigo Surio, Tempo O'neil, Carlo, Unai Trotti, Antonio Ruscito, Misha Twins, Dubman F, Analogue People, Elia Batoli, Rei Taak, Alberto Domenech, Samuel Dan
D-ROM | 2011-11-14


Listen What You Feel
DJ Viana, M. Garji, Techmann, Alex Lario, Victor Vera, Alex Flater, Vita Jo, Betoko, Tigerskinz, Daniel Rich, Javier Orduna, David Ponziano, Geshe Ewing, KnightVision, Henry Cullen, Mutate To Survive, Nill Hess, Tony Made, Vik Marty
D-ROM | 2011-06-20

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