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Music Bio "BP"

Bruyndonx Patrick  also knowns as one of the old school belgium top producers that has a long list of super music in al kinds of styles. He's always been revolving in styles as the years go by he maybe old school but he has the best new trick in the trade. He started to dj as BP in 2010. He plays resident in Cafe d'Anvers and on various parties he plays with people like Guy J, Ramon Tapia , Hermanez. He's played by artists like Carlos Lio , Dub Fire ,Guy J , Sahar Z , Guy Mantzur, Sasha , Eric Morillo , Roger Sanchez , David Morales , Daniel Bovie , Sean McCAff the list is to big to name . We all know the legendary club theme Anthem from Red Crapet " Allright " !!! major hit worldwide and still is being remixed every year as we speak. Just now he dropped some deeper stuff on Guy J 's ` Lost & Found " lable with the slamming track "Inspirado por usted" (means inspired by you , and the track was inspired by a dj set of riccardo villalobos ). Also another big release that is climing the chart ladder is on Ramon Tapia's lable AELLA with the track called "Shall Be Saved" that also has been remixed by the big man Ramon Tapia himself ! He's now working on various projects in defferent styles from deep house to tech house , progressive , chill to elektronick music . One of his more musical projects is Sweet Coffee with this project he has performmed on all the Belgium Festivals in the past 10 years and is now finishing the new album of Sweet Coffee. This will drop in the summer 2013. BP (Bruyndonx Patrick ) has besides his musical perfomances two dj names one is BP and the other is Den Hétrix and when he play under the name Den Hétrix you can exspect the nice clubby hous deep house comercial sound like he produces as Red Carpet. Lately he's been playing more deeper stuff under the DJ name BP.

BP (Bruyndonx Patrick ) knows how to moove a crouwds on the dance floor if he's next to Ramon Tapia or next to a Guy J he addapts and and spins the growd crazy with his deep warm and sexy deep vibe. You will hear alot from him in the next years because he's climing back up and making his own roads in the music scene.

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