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Music Bio "Franklin Reeves"
When DJ/Producer Franklin Reeves (1983) got notice of housemusic in 1993, he was immediately caught by the virus. Inspired by the early days of house and the famous Roxy club Franklin decided it was time to control the decks himself. Soon he played at parties like Sensation, Dance Valley, Exrema, Blue Marlin Ibiza, Mysterland and later at This is..(Sander Kleinenberg), Festival Lief and in clubs like Paradiso, Escape, Studio 80, Hotel Arena and Now&Wow. He also flew to Sweden (Jonkoping) and Turkey (Bodrum + Istanbul) to do more gigs. Franklin developed his style from funky house back then to a unique style of rolling deep/techhouse nowadays. Always inspired by the early clubscene from the 90's he's producing deep-house and tech-house which receive many good respones from DJ´s like Paul Hamill, Chris Boshell, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola and Josh Wink. This on labels like Positiva,  90watts, This Is, Strom, Galvanic, Arume and Datagroove


Summer Flashbacks Vol. 1
Sean Random, Darkrow, Juan Carlos Herrera, Omar Silba, Carlos Alfaro, Kenny Ground, Gianni Ruocco, Toolman (aka F. Grant), Alebon, Gorkiz, Franklin Reeves, DJ Pauze, Luis Sastre, IPagan, David Herrero, Miroslav Pavlovic
Datagroove Music | 2012-07-17

The Pump Company
Aural Imbalance, Marten Fisher, The Mulder, Dubphone, Jorn Johansen, Holger Zilske, Basti Pieper, Junior Gee, AK, Coskun, The Tonica, Zoe Xenia, Autodeep, Lukas Fritscher, Cool Million Feat. Jahah, Future Funk, Knee Deep, Denace 2 Society, Michi Muzik, Jerome Noak feat. Jenni Wiegand, David Puentez, Tony Match, Sven Kegel, Heino Helck, Lazo, Miles Sound, Gutbrod, Donald Wilborn, Franklin Reeves, Hardy Heller & Alex Connors, Marco Resmann, Alex Connors, Rivera Rotation, Jerome, Taste T., Solan, Erick Decks, Markus Wesen
Tronic Soundz | 2012-03-30

Groove Animals (Vol 3)
Wasabi, Luis Sastre, Pauze, Matt McLarrie, Alebon, Gorkiz, Marc Throw, Franklin Reeves
Datagroove Music | 2012-01-19

The Sound Of Amsterdam Volume 4
Orquesm, Marten Fisher, Angelo D'onorio, Pascal Morais, El Mariachi, Dennis Price, Hi-Fi Mystery School, Jochem Hamerling, Franklin Reeves, Bas Struik
90watts | 2011-12-21

Arume Selected 01
Angelo D'onorio, Franklin Reeves, Fernando Mesa, DJ Shifter
Arume Records | 2011-09-16

Summer Sampler '11
Angelo D'onorio, Joseph Maesano, Ken Abel, Michel De Hey, PrinsJan, Dennis Ruyer, Jens De Langer, Anton Pieete, El Mundo & Satori, Franklin Reeves, Unders, Sven Prinsen, Marten Fisher, Philip Young, Juan Sanchez, Solar Brothers, Roel Salemink, Pig&Dan, Hi-Fi Mystery School, Kabale Und Liebe
90watts | 2011-06-13

This Is Techhouse 8
Aki Bergen, DJ Yellow, Holeane, Deep Sector, MidiDropMusic, Greg Parker, Babak Shayan, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Junior Gee, Marten Fisher, MSMS, Lukas Greenberg, Basti Pieper, QMUSSE, Sergio Fernandez, D Low, Strict Border, Andry Nalin, Bucher, Kessidis, Sunner Soul, Deep-Maker, Franksen, Tom Wax, Wollion, MVDV, Sasch BBC, Maxxa, Instant Pleasure, Nikola Gala, See Why, Mariano Mateljan, The Timewriter, Franklin Reeves, Nacho Marco, Suedmilch, Kruse & Nuernberg
Tronic Soundz | 2011-04-22

The Best 20 Of 90watts Volume 2
El Mundo & Satori, Angelo D'onorio, Philip Young, VMH, Van Meeteren & Hyde (VMH), Marten Fisher, Franklin Reeves, PrinsJan, Unders, Sven Prinsen, Solar Brothers, Presetone, Ivan Masa, Dennis Ruyer, Sheehan & Clausen, Ciprian Lemnaru, Optick, Mulder (NL), David Labeij, PQM, Boy Bianchi, Pablo Rez, Sasse
90watts | 2011-01-19

The Sound Of Amsterdam Volume 2
Hi-Fi Mystery School, El Mundo & Satori, Roel Salemink, Marten Fisher, Rauwkost, Alessandro Diga, Franklin Reeves, Marcus Gehring, Arjuna Schiks, Jens De Langer, Gideon Bouwens, Loops
90watts | 2010-12-07

The Sound Of Amsterdam Volume 1
Angelo D'onorio, Marten Fisher, Hi-Fi Mystery School, El Mundo & Satori, Philip Young, VMH, Franklin Reeves, Loops, Marcus Gehring, Rauwkost, DJ Lin, Van Meeteren, Wouter De Moor
90watts | 2010-10-19

The Best 20 Of 90Watts Volume 1
El Mundo & Satori, Boy Bianchi, Angelo D'onorio, PrinsJan, Philip Young, VMH, Unders, Sven Prinsen, Presetone, Solar Brothers, Marten Fisher, Van Meeteren, Hyde, Dennis Ruyer, Ciprian Lemnaru, Optick, Franklin Reeves, Hubert Gomez, Jens De Langer, Alex Flatner, E-Contact, Daniel Sanchez, Gimikk, Nuno Dos Santos, Tigerskin
90watts | 2010-09-21

Burst, Jazper, Michell Van Wijngaarden, Franklin Reeves
Strom | 2010-09-17

River Of Cheese
Marten Fisher, Franklin Reeves, James Nidecker
Galvanic | 2010-07-16

In Your Life EP
Franklin Reeves, Marten Fisher, Arjuna Schiks
90watts | 2010-07-13

Metropolis EP
Franklin Reeves, James Nidecker
90watts | 2009-09-17

Everything's Gonna Be Alright
James Doman, Carl Ryden, Franklin Reeves, Nicole Moudaber
Happy Music | 2009-05-06

The State Of Confusion EP
Franklin Reeves
90watts | 2009-04-02

Franklin Reeves, Boy Bianchi
90watts | 2008-10-23

Franklin Reeves, VMH, Van Meeteren & Hyde (VMH)
90watts | 2007-09-04

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