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Thanks for checking out our website. Here is some information about our brand new music label Coochy Music. This is what we stand for: a new music label with a big heart for our artists. Most important for our label are our artists. They are good friends and long-time companions in the music industry. Coochy Music is a label for Artists by Artists. Basically, if we spot a talent we will help him or her in such a way so they can develop their skills and talent. Coochy Music has some old school veterans who know what they are doing and they will always help a fellow artist of the label.
Our planning for this year will be 8 original releases which will of course have a large bundle of remixes by some big names but also some new and upcoming names. All the artists on our label make music because they love to do so. On our website you can see who our artists are as well as all the necessary information and some more interesting things. Coochy Music has a lot of support from the big names in the music industry and will be knocking doors in the coming years!